Energy & Focus Capsules Bundle

£35.99 or £33.99 / month

The ultimate bundle for bio-hackers!
60 Capsules of Cordyceps & 60 Capsules of Lion’s Mane

  • Improve memory (source)
  • Boost concentration (source)
  • Protect your nervous system(source)
  • Perform better (both athletically and in the bedroom)(source)
  • Increase energy (source)
  • Alleviate asthma! (source)

Each jar will last one month (taken twice a day). We recommend two capsules per day of each.


*Our products are sold as food supplements and the statements below have not been 
evaluated by the MHRA. These are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Get an energy boost and keep your mind in check – Become the ultimate bio-hacker

Feel the ease of body/mind care with this mushroom combo for both time-efficiency and effective body absorption.

We’ve found that the energy boost given by the Cordyceps capsules is a great way to reduce or replace coffee consumption. Lion’s mane has been found to improve sleep and increase cognitive function. Together, this combo is perfect to support your healthy day/night daily cycle.

Lion’s mane is a nootropic, also known as smart supplements that enhance the cognitive performance.

Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Pers. is a medicinal mushroom capable of inducing a large number of modulatory effects on human physiology ranging from the strengthening of the immune system to the improvement of cognitive functions.” (Brandalise, et al., 2017). Their research found that Lion’s mane can induce a boost effect onto neuronal functions also in nonpathological conditions. This makes it a great supplement for students before exams, or professionals who want to be at their best.

Similarly, “Cordyceps species have been applied as an energy level and endurance enhancer, to improve aerobic capacity, and to boost cellular immunity.” (Das et al., 2021)

Which is why this is our ultimate bio-hacker option 😀.

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