Our Love Story​

‘Love’: we all know it, feel it, desire and pursue it, every day. We proudly celebrate and fuse love into our everyday business values:

Life – we want to celebrate the miracle of life and so naturally all Love Mushrooms products focus on the nourishment of health, wellbeing and joyful expression.

Organic – rejecting the use of artificial pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals, all our products are created using only organic inputs at all stages of production. These unwaivable standards ensure we release the full potential of our mushrooms that deliver the highest satisfaction.

Vegan – bypassing the use of animal products at all stages of cultivation and distribution, we contribute to cruelty-free, plant-based produce.

Ethics –leading by example how a business can be used for good, ensuring waste reuse, and supporting our local economy. We believe Love Mushrooms stands as a Loving example of social change in practice.

"Reduce, reuse, recycle" concept with recycling symbols, promoting sustainable environmental practices.

Our Mushrooms

Discover the exceptional quality of passionately grown mushrooms at Love Mushrooms, where Organic practices elevate every harvest.

The world of premium mushrooms starts with organic goodness, ensuring the finest growth for every mushroom variety. From our indoor growing havens to handpicked partner farms, our commitment is to deliver excellence, one mushroom at a time.

At Love Mushrooms, it’s about more than just cultivation; it’s a mindful endeavour. With vibrant Reishi, the historic Shiitake, and luscious Lion’s Mane flourishing in controlled indoor environments, Cordyceps in it’s precise controlled climate and the impressively named ‘King of the Mushrooms’, Chaga, hand-harvested from the heart of the forest.

Dedicated to unwavering quality and freshness, Love Mushrooms crafts an experience like no other. Dive into the world of our meticulously extracted treasures and potent tinctures, each lovingly derived from mushrooms nurtured with the utmost care. Come and join the Love Mushrooms family; explore, experience, and elevate your wellbeing with nature’s wonders.

Where We Are?

Love Mushrooms is situated within Marcassie Farm, an organically certified smallholding and micro land-based business hub and community project in Northeast Scotland, near the Cairngorms national park.  

We feel lucky to be surrounded by mature woodland, acres of farmland, fruit, herb and veggie gardens, flocks of laying hens, ducks and Gotland x Shetland sheep. We share Marcassie smallholding with other enterprises including Marcassie Farm Lodges, the award-winning Naturally Useful and Dan Puplett’s Nature Awareness.

Altogether we enjoy the synergies that exist in our humble corner of the Scottish Northeast and look forward to sharing our love with you.

Mountains in Scotland: rugged beauty of Scottish Highlands with rolling hills, dramatic peaks.
Image of a man presenting orange Cordyceps militaris mushrooms, showcasing their unique color and appearance.

Who's behind Love Mushrooms

Smith, Co-founder

With a passion for mycelial exploration dating back over 6 years, Smith has immersed himself in the profound theoretical and nutritional realm of mushrooms ever since. Experimenting with indoor and outdoor cultivation methods in a Spanish ecological community project, these have continued to grow coupled with an ongoing fascination with the intricacies of cultivation and the mycelial dimensions.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose and having a background in the charity sector with environmental and social justice-based organisations, he strives to realise his vision of establishing social business that may lead to healing and thriving in the world, whilst facilitating a meaningful impact.

Image of a man smelling mushrooms, capturing the sensory experience and enjoyment of their aroma and flavor.

Erik, Co-founder

Erik’s journey into the world of mycology, complemented by a Master’s degree and a zeal for organic farming and culinary exploration, has woven a rich tapestry of experiences across global farms and restaurants. Hailing from Norway and France, his childhood curiosity about the diverse world of mushrooms evolved into a dedicated pursuit. 

Over the past ten years, Erik has been meticulously cultivating mushrooms, honing his skills and deepening his understanding of their cultivation, health, and nutritional benefits. This hands-on experience has not only enriched his knowledge but also inspired him to establish a social enterprise focused on the remarkable advantages of fungi.

Driven by the transformative stories of individuals positively impacted by mushrooms, Erik has seamlessly integrated these fungi into his daily life, experiencing their remarkable energy-boosting and well-being-enhancing properties. His journey, marked by extensive travels and practical work, positions him as a passionate advocate and informed enthusiast in the realm of mycology, dedicated to sharing the wonders of mushrooms with a wider audience.

Join the mushroom reLOVEution!

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Quality & Efficacy

Love Mushrooms combines carefully selected mushrooms from our own and partner farms, always using organic ingredients.

Each batch undergoes rigorous lab testing for elements such as heavy metals, these results being listed in the Certificates of Analysis.

Close-up of a scientist looking through an ocular lens at love mushrooms in a laboratory setting.
Unleashing the Power of Ultrasonic Extraction Technology

Love Mushrooms is the only mushroom food supplement company in the UK harnessing the groundbreaking benefits of ultrasonic mushroom extraction. This advanced technology utilises high-frequency sound waves to break the mushroom cell walls and therefore potently extract the bioactive compounds, thus delivering superior quality and enhanced bioavailability.

Ultrasonic extraction maximises the yield of essential vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting compounds, ensuring optimal health benefits. To boot, the process boasts minimal heat, energy-efficiency and speed (minutes, not days or weeks like many traditional extraction techniques), thus preserving the mushrooms’ integrity. 

Because ultrasonic-extracted mushrooms offer vastly superior yields over any other extraction techniques, our products have the potential to offer superior benefits over other companies’ products!  These benefits may include improved immune support, increased energy, enhanced cognitive function, and overall well being. 

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