Cordyceps Gummies (30) – 30,000mg – Orange Flavour

£17.99 or £16.99 / month

Experience the unique qualities of Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies, now in a delightful natural orange flavour. Made with natural colours and flavours, each pack contains 30 gummies, totalling 30,000mg of Cordyceps extract. These orange-flavoured gummies support your overall well-being, offering a convenient and delicious way to include Cordyceps in your daily wellness routine. Savour the zesty orange essence combined with the benefits of Cordyceps in every bite.

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Discover the benefits of Cordyceps mushrooms with our Cordyceps Gummies, infused with a refreshing natural orange flavour and made using natural colours and flavours. Each gummy contains 1000mg of Cordyceps, traditionally recognised for its unique properties. Cordyceps mushrooms have been valued for their role in supporting overall wellness.

Our pack of 30 gummies provides a delightful and straightforward way to incorporate the potential benefits of Cordyceps into your everyday life. Relish the vibrant taste of orange and start a journey towards enhanced well-being. Just one to two orange-flavoured gummies daily can help you embrace the extraordinary qualities of Cordyceps mushrooms.

Ingredients: Cordyceps CS4 Extract (Cordyceps Sinensis), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Pectin, Lactic Acid, Natural Colour: Paprika Extract, Natural Orange Flavouring

For optimal benefits from the unique mushroom blend in our gummies, we suggest enjoying two gummies daily. This dosage is thoughtfully designed to harness the full potential of the mushrooms’ properties, enhancing your wellness journey.

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