Our mushroom capsule range offers convenience at the pop of a pill, a host of advantages in each mushroom variety, and extremely high potency compared to other capsules on the market. We have carefully formulated each variety to pack in concentrated mushroom extracts, delivering a precise dosage of all the good stuff. With easy-to-swallow capsules, you can conveniently incorporate the benefits of mushrooms into your daily routine.

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  • Sale! Image of Love Mushrooms Lion's Mane capsules, highlighting the product's potency and potential cognitive benefits.

    Lion’s Mane – 60 Capsules

    £17.99 or £16.99 / month
  • Sale! Image of Love Mushrooms Reishi capsules, emphasizing the product's purity and potential wellness benefits.

    Reishi – 60 Capsules

    £17.99 or £16.99 / month
  • Sale! Love Mushrooms Cordyceps capsules: quality, potential energy-boosting benefits.

    Cordyceps – 60 Capsules

    £17.99 or £16.99 / month
  • Sale! Image of Love Mushrooms Chaga capsules, showcasing the product's quality and potential health benefits.

    Chaga – 60 Capsules

    £17.99 or £16.99 / month
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